Tristana Wild Rift Build Guide

Tristana Wild Rift is a marksman whose damage increases over time. The key to creating massive damage is that you have to place EXPLOSIVE CHARGE on the target and repeatedly attack that target to gain enough stacks to increase 30% damage. Tristana will have a direction to build items that increase attack speed and crit rate. Guide and build Breakdown case by case. List of champions against Tristana.

Tristana Wild Rift

Tristana Wild Rift

Update 3.4B

Marksman - Lane:

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier S-
Win rate 51.79%
Pick rate 6.5%
Ban rate 1.2%

Tristana's Item Build & Runes

Tristana Wild Rift Build>

Tristana runes Win 58.23% and Pick 32.31%



Nullifying Orb        

Sweet Tooth        

Tristana runes Bot with Win 55.92% and Pick 21.45%

Lethal Tempo        

Hunter - Vampirism        

Hunter - Titan        

Sweet Tooth        

Build Tristana Wild Rift with the highest win rate


Infinity Edge        


Rapid Firecannon        

Mortal Reminder        

Guardian Angel        

Tristana Wild Rift build second

Infinity Edge        

Statikk Shiv        


Rapid Firecannon        


Mortal Reminder        

Tristana Wild Rift item build third

Blade of the Ruined King        

Runaan's Hurricane        


Infinity Edge        

Rapid Firecannon        

Mortal Reminder        

Best Picks vs Tristana

Worst Picks vs Tristana

Best Lane Counters vs Tristana

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Tristana's Runes

electrocuteElectrocute is my favorite rune when playing Tristana. When you choose this rune, you will play in an allin style that attacks enemy champions. First activate RAPID FIRE then EXPLOSIVE CHARGE and jump on enemy champions with ROCKET JUMP very quickly to get Electrocute's stack for 40 - 194 adaptive damage. Also immediately after that will also gain EXPLOSIVE CHARGE's stack. . Explode again. You will become an assassin general.

Scorch To ensure that the output damage is large enough every time you decide to allin damage to a champion, this is the rune you must choose. Scorch deals 24-38 bonus magic damage.

Nullifying Orb If you are rushing towards an enemy champion, make sure you have enough health to make a decisive attack. This Nullifying Orb will help create a shield as soon as the health is below 35%.

Sweet Tooth The early laning phase is quite difficult with strong late game champions like Tristana. Especially the strength depends on the equipment, so this gem both helps Tristana to stay in the lane better and has an extra amount of gold to quickly get the necessary equipment.

Lethal Tempo If you choose Lethal Tempo, you will gain 6 - 12% more attack speed. At this point, your play will be to keep a good position in the teamfight to avoid being targeted. And the propensity to attack the entire enemy formation.

Tristana position

Tristana Wild Rift goes on the Dragon path.

Tristana Wild Rift is a genuine AD Carry gunner. The range increases with level and the amount of damage is not small.

Extremely mobile with too many ways to attack and defend. Even possessing control skills. Don't go alone and get caught by Tristana.

Tristana's summoner spells

Flash + Heal

Tristana Build Breakdown

Tristana Wild Rift will be built towards crit, attack speed and attack power. When first fully equipped Tristana will start taking damage.

Stormrazor Stormrazor is the first must-have item. The item gives Tristana all the necessary power.

Infinity Edge Infinity Edge is an item that will spike Tristana's damage with 230% crit.

Once you have these 2 equipment, you can completely corner the damage to defeat the enemy gunner. On the 3rd equipment, you will get on the blood-stealing shoe first. To be able to survive longer in the teamfights.

Blade of the Ruined King In case you encounter a counter champion with a long range. Constantly pokes you during laning phase. Get the Blade of the Ruined King item first. Blade of the Ruined King's lifesteal will help you stay in lane longer.

Runaan's Hurricane Runaan's Hurricane will help you farm minions faster and activate on-hit effects.

Rapid Firecannon No matter which direction you go to build Tristana. The must-have item is the Rapid Firecannon. When entering the late game, this will be an item that helps Tristana have a longer range to easily choose a safe position in the fight. Also grants 35% attack speed. Because now the whole team will go together, you will no longer have the opportunity to jump in the middle of the enemy team. The solution to increase the range is required.

The remaining items you can depend on the situation. If the enemy team has too many assassin champions. Go to Guardian Angel. If the enemy team has many tank champions, heal up Mortal Reminder.

Tristana ability 

Tristana's skill order

Tristana's skill order

Tristana's abilities


Increases the range of attacks, Explosive Charge, and Buster Shot by 10 per level.


Cooldown: 18s

Gain 50% bonus Attack Speed for 7 seconds.


Cooldown: 20s

Cost: 60

Leap to a target location, dealing 85 magic damage (85 +50% and slowing nearby enemies by 60% for 1.5 second(s).

Takedowns and fully stacked Explosive Charge detonations on champions reset Rocket Jump's cooldown.


Cooldown: 15s

Cost: 55

Passive: Enemies explode when killed by Tristana's attacks, dealing 55 magic damage (55 +25% ) to nearby enemies.

Active: Places a bomb on an enemy or turret, dealing 70 physical damage (70 +55% bonus +50% ) to nearby enemies. Tristana's attacks and abilities charge the bomb's damage by 30%, stacking 4 times.

Bombs explode immediately at full stacks. Explosion radius is doubled for bombs placed on turrets.


Cooldown: 70s

Cost: 100

Fires a massive cannonball at an enemy, dealing 350 magic damage (350 +100% ) and knocking them back.

How to play Tristana

Playing Tristana is easy. This is a champion that depends on furniture, so it needs more gold at the beginning of the game to start a business, so take the initiative to gently beat the emotions mainly to earn money to pay bills.

By the time you have enough items, you can satisfy the pleasure of farming life instead of farming soldiers.

Early game

Keep Rocket Jump in case you don't know the direction of the enemy team's jungle and use it when you need a kill.

To clear minions quickly, practice last hitting minions with low health to explode damage to surrounding minions.

Besides, get to the lane early and give yourself a bit of an advantage by killing the ranged minions first. Even in the process of farming minions, try to destroy the ranged minions first.

The reason when you kill minions will create a small explosion, if the enemy champion is trying to get behind the defeated minion, they will take damage.

Late game

At this point Tristana has reached the threshold of strength. Both in terms of range and best damage level. In combat, whenever you have the opportunity, take advantage to destroy the enemy champion with low health. Calculate enough damage every time you jump in because if you successfully defeat the enemy you will have time to cool down to jump out of the danger zone immediately.

Combo Tristana:

Combo Tristana Wild Rift

Combo Tristana Wild Rift 2

Combo Tristana Wild Rift 3

Tristana pros and cons


  • Push the road extremely fast.
  • Destroy turrets fast.
  • Up to 3 skills to escape the fight
  • Late game extremely strong.
  • Play is not cramped at all, there is a chance to rush in for a kill. Done jump out to escape the fight.


  • Weak in the early game
  • BUSTER SHOT used incorrectly will help enemies run away from you.

Tristana counters

Don't let Tristana farm in the early game.


Tristana Wild Rift is the champion with the best ability to escape when in danger of the ADC champions. Range and damage gradually increase towards the end of the game. Guide and Build for Tristana Wild Rift at Kicdo will help you master this champion.

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