Tryndamere Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Tryndamere, the Barbarian King of Wild Rift, is a relentless fighter who thrives on fury and devastating strikes. His build focuses on attack speed, punishing on-hit effects, and the potential for earth-shattering critical hits.  The key to mastering Tryndamere is harnessing his Fury –  his rage fuels his basic attacks, and the closer he is to death, the more destructive his blows become.

Fighter Fighter - Lane: top

Damage: Physical

Power Spike







Tier A
Win rate 50.19%
Pick rate 2.7%
Ban rate 3.5%
Tryndamere Wild Rift Build
Tryndamere: Wild Rift Build Guide

Tryndamere's Item Build & Runes

Tryndamere runes Win 58.83% and Pick 28.81%

  • Phase RushPhase Rush
  • BrutalBrutal
  • Coup de GraceCoup de Grace
  • Legend: AlacrityLegend: Alacrity
  • PERSEVERANCEPerseverance

Tryndamere runes Top with Win 51.92% and Pick 21.45%

  • Phase RushPhase Rush
  • Nullifying OrbNullifying Orb
  • Second WindSecond Wind
  • OvergrowthOvergrowth
  • DemolishDemolish

Build Tryndamere Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  • Item Berserker's Greaves Berserker's Greaves
  • Item Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer
  • Item Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Tryndamere Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Berserker's Greaves Berserker's Greaves
  • Item  Lich Bane Lich Bane
  • Item  Hullbreaker Hullbreaker
  • Item  Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item  Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate
  • Item  Force of Nature Force of Nature

Tryndamere Wild Rift item build third

  • Item  Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  • Item  Quicksilver Quicksilver
  • Item  Infinity Edge Infinity Edge
  • Item  Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer
  • Item  Navori Quickblades Navori Quickblades
  • Item  Bloodthirster Bloodthirster

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Worst Picks vs Tryndamere

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Tryndamere Build Breakdown

Early Game

Blade of the Ruined King: Remember, Tryndamere thrives on basic attacks for his damage output. That's why the Blade of the Ruined King is a no-brainer for him. Not only does it amp up his attack speed, but those enhanced basic attacks pack a real punch, dealing extra damage based on the enemy's health. Oh, and did I mention the cherry on top? It slows targets down and steals their movement speed, making Tryndamere even harder to escape.  This item is an absolute powerhouse, giving him the essential tools he needs to dominate.

Berserker's Greaves:  I've tried a bunch of boots on Tryndamere, and these are hands-down one of the best choices. They give him a serious attack speed boost, exactly what he craves. Sure, you could go for Gluttonous Greaves for lifesteal, but remember, Tryndamere gets more dangerous the lower his health gets. That sweet lifesteal is nice for laning, but attack speed lets him unleash a flurry of pain that few can survive.

Mid Game

Nashor's Tooth: This is where things get really spicy.  Nashor's Tooth ramps up his attack speed to insane levels, pushing him towards that 110% mark, all while making those basic attacks hit even harder.  A truly terrifying combination!

Trinity Force: Okay, more attack speed is great, but Trinity Force brings a whole new element of terror to Tryndamere's ganks. See, when he uses his Spinning Slash, it synchronizes beautifully with Trinity Force's passive, unleashing an extra 200% base damage. Trust me, I've seen that one-shot potential – over 1000 damage is enough to make any squishy champion tremble in fear.

Late Game

Infinity Edge:  Need more raw damage and critical hits? Look no further. Infinity Edge is pure power for Tryndamere.

Mortal Reminder:  Time to shut down enemy healing while dishing out those critical strikes.  Mortal Reminder brings the hurt in more ways than one.

Tryndamere position

  • Top
  • Jungle

Tryndamere summoner spells

FlashTốc hànhsmite

Tryndamere ability 

Tryndamere ability order

Tryndamere ability order

Tryndamere abilities


This item fuels Tryndamere's fury! Its passive grants him more critical strike chance as his rage builds, and it even boosts his attack speed when slashing away at champions. Attack speed is vital for Tryndamere – his basic attacks are where his true power lies.


The closer Tryndamere is to death, the harder he hits. This means he'll often dive into danger, flirting with disaster to unleash his maximum damage potential.  But fear not! His ultimate ability offers a lifeline –  five glorious seconds of immortality. Time those seconds carefully, then make a swift retreat when the invincibility fades.  If health runs dangerously low during the fight, activate Bloodlust for a quick burst of healing.


This shout is a double-edged sword! If an enemy dares to attack, their damage is slashed by a brutal 35%. If they try to flee, they're slowed by 25%, making escape that much harder. No matter how they react, Tryndamere wins.


This ability makes Tryndamere a whirlwind of blades, letting him dash right through walls. Think of the freedom! He'll be darting through the jungle and launching surprise ganks with ease.  Better yet, every critical hit shaves time off this skill's cooldown. Land those devastating crits, and he'll be practically unstoppable.


Five seconds of immortality can change the whole tide of a battle.  Not only does Tryndamere cheat death, but his attack speed soars, reaching up to a  frenzied 60% increase!

How to play Tryndamere

With 350 Tryndamere games under my belt, I can confidently say the Barbarian King fears no 1v1 duel.  Let me share the secrets to dominating your lane and carrying the entire game.

Early Game

Levels 1-2 are tricky, especially for Top Lane Tryndamere. Avoid early trades – focus on last-hitting minions to build your Fury. If you opted for Jungle, farm relentlessly to hit level 5. Remember, Tryndamere's power scales with his Fury bar; low Fury means low damage.  Only look for fights once you hit around 50% Fury.

Early gold leads snowball hard with Tryndamere. However, mistakes are costly!  While fighting, resist activating your Bloodlust passive unless your death is imminent. I only use it after my 5 seconds of immortality are up and I'm still taking damage. Activate it prematurely, and you'll lose precious Fury for minimal health gain.

Mid Game

Once you have your ultimate and a healthy Fury bar, fear no 1v1... even those under enemy turrets! Trading kills is often in your favor.  Use your dash skill to gank creatively, even overcoming tricky terrain.

Late Game

Falling behind? No worries! Tryndamere is a split-pushing menace, demolishing turrets while the enemy team is distracted. If you're carrying, look for opportunities to catch lone enemies off guard. Dive right into the enemy team and trust in your ultimate to keep you alive.


Combo 1:


Combo 2:


Combo 3


Tryndamere pros and cons


  • Devastating Damage: Tryndamere packs a punch, capable of shredding through enemy health bars with his brutal attacks.
  • Unmatched Attack Speed: With the right build, his sword becomes a blur, landing flurry after flurry of critical strikes.
  • Elusive: Tryndamere laughs at obstacles, his Spinning Slash letting him maneuver the battlefield with ease.
  • Teamfight Menace: When surrounded by enemies, his fury grows, making him a true threat in chaotic clashes.
  • Split-pushing Powerhouse: If left unchecked, Tryndamere can demolish towers and force opponents to react.


  • Vulnerable to Kiting: His short attack range leaves him open to being harassed by ranged champions.
  • Reliant on Ultimate: Without his legendary rage, Tryndamere is far less potent in a teamfight.


Tryndamere thrives on items that boost his attack speed and critical strike potential. Master his strengths and minimize his weaknesses, and you'll unleash the Barbarian King's fury in Wild Rift.

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