Zeri Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Zeri Wild Rift is an ADC with high mobility, damage, and especially dangerous in teamfights. She has the skill to glide through terrain regardless of how thick the walls are. This is how to build Zeri Wild Rift, rune page and detailed gameplay guide.

Zeri Wild Rift

Zeri Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Marksman Marksman - Hard - Position: bot

Damage: Mix

Power Spike







Tier D
Win rate 43.52%
Pick rate 6.8%
Ban rate 4.3%
Zeri Wild Rift Build
Zeri: Wild Rift Build Guide

Zeri's Item Build & Runes

Zeri Wild Rift Build

Zeri runes Win 78.23% and Pick 42.31%

Zeri runes with Win 47.92% and Pick 44.45%


Gathering Storm

Giant Slayer

Legend: Alacrity

Bone Plating

Build Zeri Wild Rift with New Meta

  • Item Manamune Manamune
  • Item Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth
  • Item Boots of Mana Boots of Mana
  • Item Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Zeri Wild Rift China build

  • Item  Manamune Manamune
  • Item  Trinity Force Trinity Force
  • Item  Boots of Mana Boots of Mana
  • Item  Essence Reaver Essence Reaver
  • Item  Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item  Infinity Edge Infinity Edge

Build item that builds Zeri on fast ultimate cooldown

  • Item  Manamune Manamune
  • Item  Stasis Stasis
  • Item  Riftmaker Riftmaker
  • Item  Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder
  • Item  Bloodthirster Bloodthirster

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Zeri's Runes

New Meta: 

In the new meta, Zeri will use the "Conqueror" rune as the main rune.

Definitely a "Lethal Tempo" rune because Zeri's power comes from attack speed. With 40% increased attack speed from the "Lethal Tempo", in any teamfight, Zeri will stand out when dealing massive damage.

Choose the "Brutan" if you're up against a weaker champion, and "Hunter - Vampirism" if you need to last longer, choose the Hunter gem - lifesteal.

To make sure Zeri is stronger in combat, you can choose the 3rd gem, the "Nullifying Orb".

Zeri position


Zeri's summoner spells

Flash + health or exhaut

Zeri Build Breakdown

New Meta: 

In Patch 4.4. The strongest equipment for Zeri is equipment for attack power and magic power. That means you will increase 50% of equipment that deals magic power and 50% of equipment that deals attack power.

The reason is that in Patch 4.4 , it is the mage meta. In addition, Zeri has up to 3 skills that deal magic damage.

I've played 30 games with Zeri up to half AD, AP giving me a win rate of 85%, an extremely impressive number. With just 1 combo of "Ultrashock Laser" shot from the side of the wall (for highest damage) then glide "Spark Surge" to reach the enemy. And the ending is "Lightning Crash" that ensures a lightning strike that can finish off any enemy.


Zeri will be strongest when building critical items. And if you still want to stack damage like an assassin, you can build AP items.

With the first item you will get, "Stormrazor" is very suitable for a champion that uses electricity to deal damage like Zeri. Grants attack speed and crit.

After trying it out, I found that Zeri has crit items and attack speed is the strongest. The damage spell build is not really impressive.

Besides, Zeri has a tendency to deal more splash damage from the skill set. There are many new attack speeds that are useful in teamfights.

Zeri ability

Zeri's skill order

Zeri's skill order

Zeri's abilities

Living Battery Living Battery

Function: Shields herself based on damage dealt, gains bonus movement speed while shielded.

Effect: Grants a shield upon damaging enemies and increases movement speed while shielded. Synergizes well with shield-granting allies.

Usage: Play aggressively to maximize shield uptime and movement speed bonuses. Utilize shields from allies for additional benefits.

Advantages: Sustain, mobility boost, synergy with shield supports.

Disadvantages: Relies on damage dealt, shield duration limited.

Electrocute Electrocute!

Function: Fires a burst of shots, converts excess attack speed to bonus damage. Has a separate magic damage active component.

Effect: Auto-attacks fire 6 shots, dealing physical damage. Excess attack speed over 1.5 converts to bonus damage. Active zaps a location, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies.

Usage: Utilize auto-attacks for consistent damage, use active for poke and slowing enemies.

Combo: Auto-attacks for sustained damage, active for poke or slow initiation.

Advantages: High attack speed potential, bonus damage conversion, slow application.

Disadvantages: Skillshot auto-attacks, cooldown on active component.

Ultrashock Laser Ultrashock Laser

Function: Fires a pulse that deals damage and slows, expands into a laser on wall collision, crits enemies and monsters.

Effect: Launches a pulse that deals magic damage and slows, expands into a long-range laser on wall collision, dealing area damage and critting champions and monsters.

Usage: Poke enemies through walls, slow multiple targets, create vision in strategic areas.

Combo: Use against walls for area damage and vision, can be used while dashing over walls with Spark Surge.

Advantages: Long-range damage, wall interaction mechanics, vision control.

Disadvantages: Straight-line projectile, requires aiming, cooldown.

Spark Surge Spark Surge

Function: Dashes, empowers next attacks to pierce, reduces cooldown on hitting champions. Wall interaction for extended dash.

Effect: Dashes a short distance, empowers next attacks to pierce and deal reduced damage to enemies behind the first. Hitting champions reduces cooldown. Wall interaction lets you vault over for extended range.

Usage: Engage, disengage, reposition, empower attacks to hit multiple enemies.

Combo: Use walls to extend dash, use empowered attacks for AoE damage, cooldown reduction.

Advantages: Mobility, repositioning, empowered attacks, cooldown reduction potential.

Disadvantages: Short base dash range, cooldown.

Lightning Crash Lightning Crash

Function: Deals area damage, grants stacks for movement speed, attack speed, and bonus damage. Attacks become triple shots with chained damage.

Effect: Releases a nova of electricity, dealing magic damage and granting Overcharge stacks for each champion hit. Overcharge provides movement speed, attack speed, and bonus damage on hit. Attacks become triple shots with chained damage during Overcharge.

Usage: Team fight initiation, AoE damage, burst damage with Overcharge.

Combo: Use in team fights for maximum Overcharge stacks and damage potential.

Advantages: High area damage, mobility and attack speed buffs, chaining damage.

Disadvantages: Long cooldown, requires positioning to hit multiple champions.

How to play Zeri

Just keep your distance from any enemy champion and you will win. Note that basic attacks will be blocked by minions. And Zeri's normal attack is like a directional skill, so when playing, you need to pay attention every time you attack, predict the direction of the enemy to shoot more accurately, it will be a bit tiring.

Use wall corners to double damage with High Voltage Pulse.

When fighting, always choose a position to stand near the edges of the wall. If attacked by an enemy, you can use "Ultrashock Laser" to escape.

The early game is relatively weak, attack when there is an advantage, otherwise actively farm to draw. Always keep "Ultrashock Laser" only use when needed because the cooldown is very long.

And if you use "Ultrashock Laser", attack continuously because at this time the damage and speed have been increased much.

Another important thing is that from the rune table to the way to build Zeri, all focus on increasing attack speed. That means in any teamfight or the whole laning phase you should always be the first to attack.

Rush at the enemy then turn on the ultimate. The rest is to let Zeri's attack speed do the rest.

Zeri pros and cons


Maneuver easily to escape dangerous situations thanks to the ability to surf the terrain.

Customizable on AD, AP maps.

Great damage when choosing the right time to use the ultimate.


Weak early game and only strong with equipment.

The dash has a long cooldown.

Consumes a lot of mana.

Very tired because you have to manipulate your hands too much, sometimes even accidentally choosing the wrong way to shoot.

Zeri counters

Stand behind the soldiers.

Zeri's attacks have a predictable, predictable delay.

Focus on ganking Zeri early game. Her weakest phase.

Always be the one to take the initiative to attack Zeri first.


Is Zeri good in Wild Rift?

If you can overcome the difficult phase at the beginning of the match. Zeri in Wild Rift will be very strong when equipped. If you appear at the right time in a team fight. Zeri can destroy the entire enemy team thanks to the wide area damage from her ultimate and attack speed.

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