Zoe Wild Rift Build Guide

Zoe Wild Rift: is a mid lane mage, the longer the range, the greater the damage one-shot with Ultimate. You can pick up support spells and use them continuously, but they are difficult to play and if caught individually, they will no longer be effective in combat. Build items and runes for Wild Rift Zoe.

Zoe Wild Rift

Zoe Wild Rift

Patch 4.4

Mage - Easy - Position:

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier D-
Win rate 47.86%
Pick rate 3.4%
Ban rate 1.1%

Zoe's Item Build & Runes

Zoe runes Win 78.23% and Pick 92.31%


Sudden Impact        

Mark of the Weak        

Hunter - Genius        

Nimbus Cloak        

Zoe runes Mid with Win 53.92% and Pick 24.45%


Shield Bash        

Cheap Shot        

Hunter - Genius        

Bone Plating        

Build Zoe Wild Rift with the highest win rate

Boots of Mana        

Luden's Echo        

Crown of the Shattered Queen        

Infinity Orb        

Rabadon's Deathcap        

Lich Bane        

Zoe Wild Rift China build

Boots of Mana        

Luden's Echo        

Crown of the Shattered Queen        

Infinity Orb        

Rabadon's Deathcap        

Oceanid's Trident        

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Zoe Wild Rift>

Zoe's Runes

Electric shock is a must-use gem for Zoe. For a champion that tends to poke, there is no better rune.

Zoe position


Zoe's summoner spells

Flash + Thiêu đốt

Zoe Build Breakdown

Get magical equipment. Depending on the match, upgrade equipment that reduces healing and penetrates magic resistance

Zoe ability

Zoe's skill order

Zoe's skill order

Zoe's abilities

More Sparkles! More Sparkles!

After using an ability, Zoe's next attack deals an additional 16 magic damage (16- 128 +20%).

More Sparkles! deals damage instantly, and deals 50% damage to structures.

Paddle Star! Paddle Star!


X 8s

Zoe fires a star that deals increasing damage the further it travels to the first enemy hit dealing between 38 (35 + 3 + 60%) and 95 (87.5 +7.5+150%) magic damage. Enemies surrounding the target take 80% damage.

Zoe can recast this ability to redirect the missile to a new position near Zoe.

Spell Thief Spell Thief

Magic Buff

X 0.3s

Passive: Enemies drop a spell shard when casting a Spell or using a Boot Enchantment. Specific minions also drop a spell shard when Zoe, or a nearby ally, kills them. Zoe can pick up this shard to cast that ability once.

Passive: When Zoe casts this ability or any Spell, she gains 25% for 2 seconds and tosses 3 missiles at the target she attacked most recently. These missiles deal 25 magic damage (25+ 15%) each.

Active: Cast the ability from a spell shard Zoe has picked up.

Spell shards last on the ground for 20 seconds.

Each missile can apply More Sparkles!

Sleepy Trouble Bubble Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Zoe dropkicks a bubble that deals 40 magic damage (40 + 50%), lingering as a trap if it doesn't hit anything. The bubble's range is extended when flying over terrain.

After a delay, the victim falls Asleep for 2 seconds. Attacks and ability hits wake them up, dealing 200% bonus true damage, up to 40 (40 + 50%).

Before the target falls Asleep, they are Drowsy, becoming increasingly slowed (up to 15%).

Portal Jump Portal Jump

Zoe teleports to a nearby position for 1 second. Afterwards, she teleports back.

Zoe can use abilities and attack, but can't move during this time.

How to play Zoe

Poke and harass enemies during laning phase.

Always go behind the lines. Even in combat, just throwing sleep balls is useful.

The sleeping ball will increase its range if you shoot through terrain.

Extend Star Paddle for maximum damage.

After using the skill, try to attack normally to take advantage of the extra damage from the internal attack

Combo Zoe:

Paddle Star! Spell Thief Sleepy Trouble Bubble Portal Jump

Zoe pros and cons


Damage in just one hit.

Mobility from her ultimate can help Zoe escape bombed situations very quickly.

Sleep shadow is like a death sentence if caught in a fight.


Very difficult to play.

The main damaging attack will be blocked by minions, making it easier to enter dangerous areas to cause damage.

Zoe counters

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Build Zoe effectively based on Kicdo's build analysis in the last 1000 matches. Win games easily with Zoe in League of Legends: Wild Rift with the help of Kicdo's build guide. The highest win rate Zoe build, from rune set to skill order to item.

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