Yasuo Counter Wild Rift

Author: Son Acton

Yasuo, the whirlwind of blades, can feel like an unstoppable force, dashing through minions and scattering your team like leaves in a gale. But fear not – I've discovered how to turn this tempest against him. Countering Yasuo is about outsmarting his flashy plays, not just reacting to them.  Let me show you the way of the counter-pick, how to blunt his blade, and reduce him from a whirlwind into a gentle breeze.

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How to counter Yasuo: in Wild Rift

How do you counter Zed Wild Rift?

Laning: Deny the Dash

  • Counter-pick Power: Mages like Malzahar lock him down with their sinister magic, while Xerath blasts him from a distance he can't hope to reach. Tough top laners like Malphite or Garen laugh at his pokes and punish his reckless aggression.
  • Wave Manipulation: Yasuo is a tempest tethered to his minions. Freeze the wave to force him into dangerous territory, or shove him under his tower, opening the door for a deadly gank from your jungler.
  • Shield Play: His shield is a fragile thing, a fleeting gust of wind. Lure it out with a feint, then strike with force while it's down. And watch those Conqueror stacks – if they're glowing, run for the hills until his power fades.

Teamfights:  Clip His Wings

  • Spread Out, But Not Too Far: Clumping up is an invitation for a devastating ultimate, but spreading too thin makes him impossible to pin down. Find that golden balance!
  • Peel for Your Carries: His eyes are fixed on your vulnerable backline. Supports like Braum, Janna, or Lulu are masters at turning his aggression against him, their shields and gusts disrupting his deadly dance.
  • Focus Fire = Dead Samurai: Yasuo might be a whirlwind, but beneath the bravado lies fragile flesh. The moment he dives, crush him with a hurricane of damage before he can find a moment to heal.

Countering Yasuo's Toolkit

  • Ninja Tabi Time: These boots are a must – they'll steal the sting from his blade and help you dance around his attacks.
  • Mind the Windwall: This pesky shield spells doom for a careless attack. Draw it out with a clever feint, then unleash your fury when it falls.
  • Exhaust the Storm: This Summoner Spell is pure gold against Yasuo. A single cast neuters his storm of blades and leaves him a ripe target.

Exploiting His Weaknesses

  • Pre-Crit Vulnerability: Before his items flow, Yasuo is a fragile foe. If you've chosen a counter wisely, hound him without mercy, denying him the chance to scale into a monster.
  • Ganking Heaven: A Yasuo with his back against the wall and his dashes spent is begging for a gank. Call in your jungler and turn that overconfidence into a cold, hard kill.
  • Itemize Smartly: A Seeker's Armguard can shatter a mage in a fight; a Thornmail turns a tank into a spiky nightmare he won't dare touch.

Remember: Yasuo feasts on outplays and mistakes. Play with cool precision, deny him his stage, and turn his aggression into ashes. Follow this guide, and soon you'll be the one standing tall, a broken blade at your feet.

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