Thresh Wild Rift Build with Highest Winrate - Guide Runes, Items, and Skill Order

Author: Son Acton

Thresh Wild Rift: is a lane dominance assist. "Death Sentence" is a skill that puts tons of pressure on enemy champions. How to throw a scythe at an enemy champion. Check out the guide and build "The Chain Warden".

Thresh Wild Rift

Thresh Wild Rift

Patch 5.0c

Support Support - Lane: support

Damage: Magic

Power Spike







Tier B
Win rate 49.39%
Pick rate 7.7%
Ban rate 1.6%
Thresh Wild Rift Build
Thresh: Wild Rift Build Guide

Thresh's Item Build & Runes

Thresh SP runes Win 57.23% and Pick 27.31%

Thresh SP runes with Win 51.92% and Pick 24.45%


Courage of the Colossus



Hextech Flashtraption

Build Thresh Wild Rift with the highest win rate

  • Item Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate
  • Item Redeeming Redeeming
  • Item Force of Nature Force of Nature
  • Item Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen
  • Item Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor
  • Item Guardian Angel Guardian Angel

Thresh build second

  • Item  Ixtali Seedjar Ixtali Seedjar
  • Item  Gargoyle Gargoyle
  • Item  Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor
  • Item  Protector's Vow Protector's Vow
  • Item  Randuin's Omen Randuin's Omen
  • Item  Force of Nature Force of Nature

Thresh item build third

  • Item  Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate
  • Item  Ixtali Seedjar Ixtali Seedjar
  • Item  Redeeming Redeeming
  • Item  Zeke's Convergence Zeke's Convergence
  • Item  Protector's Vow Protector's Vow
  • Item  Frozen Heart Frozen Heart

Best Picks vs Thresh

Worst Picks vs Thresh

Best Lane Counters vs Thresh

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Thresh's Runes

Thresh possesses a lot of skills that cause slow stuns, especially the skills "Death Sentence" and "The Box" that activate the "Aftershock" rune immediately, the enemy champion is always near Thresh whenever using the skill. above so it will definitely take damage from the "Aftershock" rune.

In addition, the ability to buff armor from the "Aftershock" rune will also ensure that Thresh is sturdy and not afraid of collisions.

Making enemies slow them down and forcing him to take 5% more damage from the "Weakness" rune ensures that not a single enemy doesn't feel the pressure every time "Death Sentence".

The 3rd rune you can choose to increase armor or increase health. In the last rune because Thresh can roam fast. Every time you throw a Scythe, you can more or less force the speed of the enemy champion. Now you can choose the rune "Bone Plating" to destroy the tower faster.

Thresh position

Thresh is a support champion to protect AD. Has the ability to create quite good lane pressure. And especially often used to pair with hyper carry champions who lack mobility.

Thresh summoner spells


Thresh Build

You will focus on health and armor buffs for teammates

Thresh ability 

Thresh ability order

Nâng kỹ năng cho Thresh

Án tử is Thresh's main pressure skill you need to lift Max first.

Thresh abilities



  • Each soul collected grants Thresh 2 Armor and 2 Ability Power, empowering him.
  • Souls can drop from minions, champions, large monsters, and many other sources.
  • Provides the ability to gain power early in the game and increase Thresh's survivability.


  • Must stand near souls to collect them, requiring attention and caution to avoid being attacked by opponents.
  • No early Armor increase when leveling up, only increases through soul collection.

How to use:

  • Focus on collecting souls from minions and jungle monsters in the laning phase to increase power.
  • Collect souls from takedowns to increase survivability in teamfights.
  • Be cautious when collecting souls in dangerous areas, Dark Passage can be used as an escape route.



  • Fires a hook, stunning and pulling the first target hit towards Thresh for 1.5 seconds.
  • Deals magic damage and provides True Sight during this time.
  • Can be re-used to jump to the target that was hit.


  • Has a relatively long cooldown early on and requires high accuracy to hit the target.
  • Long cooldown if it misses the target, requiring precision and strategy in use.

How to use:

  • Use Death Sentence to start teamfights, pulling the enemy carry towards your team.
  • Combine with Flay to knock the target back towards your allies and deal damage.
  • Use Death Sentence to gank other lanes, assisting your teammates.
  • Use Death Sentence to stop an escaping target.

Con đường tăm tối DARK PASSAGE


  • Throws a lantern to a location, allowing allies who touch it to teleport to Thresh's position.
  • Creates a shield for Thresh and the nearest ally, absorbing damage.
  • Can be used to save allies and create opportunities to attack the enemy.


  • Requires ally interaction to maximize effectiveness.
  • The shield has a limited duration and is only effective if allies touch the lantern.

How to use:

  • Use Dark Passage to save an ally being chased.
  • Use Dark Passage to quickly move to other lanes, supporting your teammates.
  • Throw Dark Passage over walls to surprise the enemy.
  • Use Dark Passage to shield allies from damage.

Lưỡi hái xoáy FLAY


  • Increases basic attack damage based on the time since the last attack.
  • Pulls or pushes enemies in the direction of the attack, slowing them and dealing magic damage.
  • Allows Thresh to perform flexible combos and create opportunities for allies.


  1. Requires high accuracy in determining the direction to push or pull the opponent.
  2. Has a non-short cooldown, limiting the frequency of use.

How to use:

  • Use Flay to push opponents into walls, creating opportunities to deal damage.
  • Use Flay to slow down an escaping enemy.
  • Combine Flay with Death Sentence to pull the target towards you.
  • Use Flay to deal damage to multiple targets in a teamfight.
  • Use Flay to quickly push minions, pressuring the enemy.
  • Use Flay to knock up enemies trying to jump over walls.

Đóng hộp THE BOX


  • Creates a spirit wall, slowing enemies and dealing massive magic damage.
  • Can be used to slow down enemies, create opportunities to attack, or prevent escapes.
  • When used with Flay, can create a combo to push enemies into the wall and increase damage.


  • Has a long cooldown, requires high accuracy in wall placement to maximize effectiveness.
  • Can be avoided by enemies with high mobility or escape abilities.

How to use:

  • Use The Box to block enemy movement in teamfights.
  • Use The Box to trap enemies in a small area, creating opportunities to deal damage.
  • Combine The Box with Flay to push enemies into the wall and deal damage.
  • Use The Box to stop an escaping enemy.

How to play Thresh

Predicting the direction of the object to be dragged is the key to catching the item.

My ad will be the subject of regular care. If AD is approached, use Lưỡi hái xoáy it to push away enemy champions.

Remember to collect souls to increase armor and AP.

Use Con đường tăm tối to check dust. And when fighting can also be used to create more armor for teammates.

When you hit Án tử a minion, the monster on the other side of the wall Thresh activates can dash through the wall. Useful for attacking or chasing enemies without flash.

Note: when you first play you will not know how to click on Thresh's lantern, right. Moving into Thresh's lantern area, the minion attack button will change to a button to use the lantern. You can use it by clicking on the soldier button.


Combo 1:

Flash + Lưỡi hái xoáy + Án tử

Speed up then call for a gank from the jungle or mid lane.

Combo 2: 

Án tử + Đóng hộp + Lưỡi hái xoáy

After the Q is done, move back to the opponent's direction to Lưỡi hái xoáy knock Đóng hộp it in.

Thresh pros and cons


Stable resistance comes from the inside.

Get stronger in the mid and late game.

Possesses a lot of control from most skills.

You can both save allies and quickly access hot spots from a distance thanks to the Dark Road.

Can check dust.


Mana cost.

Long skill recovery.

Initiating combat is not good, passive.

Missing is suddenly strangely useless.

Thresh counters

Always hide behind minions so Thresh can't get Án tử in your face. If Thresh has used Án tử it, time the cooldown so that when Thresh has it again you are in a safe position.


Thresh Wild Rift is a very good support that applies pressure both in and out of teamfights. Benefit from tank equipment. However, it is difficult to master and if the Scythe is thrown, it will not be dangerous anymore. Practice and follow the Guide and build Thresh.

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